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Look outside your window. What do you see? For too many people in New Orleans, the view is one of poor soil, weeds, and trash dragged on by the wind. Your Happy Garden, LLC, specializes in revitalizing even the worst of spaces, bringing true beauty to the areas you see every time you step outside.

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Patio Hardscape Redo

When you walk out your front door, look out your kitchen window, sit on your terrace or relax on your back deck, do you see:

  • Neglected flower beds?
  • Overgrown shrubs and untrimmed trees?
  • An unpleasant mix of flower pots? 

  • Yard art long past its prime?
  • A sterile sea of grass?
  • Too much shade? Or not enough?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Happy Garden LLC can reclaim your yard for you with an inspired transformation of the green space that surrounds your home.

Let Us Inspire You With Inspiring Landscape Beauty in Your Green Space

We can develop new flower beds that change color with the seasons, and here in south Louisiana, that means you can have blooms year-round. We can establish landscaped outdoor "rooms" to fit your needs and personal preferences. We can turn abandoned or neglected spaces into peaceful gardens that provide respite and make appealing backdrops for play and entertainment.

Who We Are

I am Shelley Midura, and Your Happy Garden is my dream come true. Creating lovely landscapes brings me happiness and fills me with peace, and I will bring that joy to my work for you.

For many years, nothing brought me more pleasure than working in my own yard and the yards of friends and relatives who didn't have the time or the ability to do it for themselves. Now that I am trained and certified as a landscape horticulturist, it would be my great pleasure to transform the green space around your home as well. 

As a busy mother, homeowner and businesswoman, I understand the value of your time. But it will only take me an hour or so to walk around your yard and talk about what you want it to become. So, please, give me a call or email to set up an appointment, and I will come to you.

I landscape property in the Greater New Orleans region, primarily Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, and St. Bernard parishes, but am willing to consider your project even if it is a little farther from home. 


It will be my pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Shelley Midura

Owner, Your Happy Garden LLC

New Orleans


[email protected]

Licensed:  LA Landscape Horticulturist License # 15 4228


Member, Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Association

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